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Benefits of Micro Needling with Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP)

Are you seeking a cosmetic treatment that can help improve the quality and appearance of your skin without an extended period of downtime or recovery? Here at Art Plastic Surgery, our board certified plastic surgeons – Dr. Luis Zapiach and Dr. John Cozzone – offer a number of innovative techniques designed to significantly enhance the… Read More »

Art Plastic Surgery Is First in Region to Offer ThermiRF™ Treatments

Art Plastic Surgery is thrilled to announce that we are the first practice in our area to offer revolutionary ThermiRF™ treatments! Performed by Dr. Zapiach and Dr. Cozzone in the comfort and convenience of our office, these advanced, non-surgical procedures utilize temperature-controlled radiofrequency (RF) energy to effectively rejuvenate skin in various regions of the face… Read More »

Which Areas of the Nose Can Rhinoplasty Address?

If you are considering rhinoplasty (also known as nose surgery or a “nose job”), you may already be aware that the procedure is designed to help enhance the appearance and/or function of the nose. But which specific areas can be targeted? Highlighted below are the particular parts of the nose that can be addressed with… Read More »

What Is Asian Blepharoplasty?

Generally speaking, many men and women of Asian descent either do not have a crease in their upper eyelids, or they have an extremely low-lying fold that is hardly visible. Commonly known as a “single fold”, this characteristic is what distinguishes the appearance of Asian eyelids from that of Caucasian eyelids, which tend to have… Read More »

When Should I Consider Revision Blepharoplasty?

Are you dissatisfied with the cosmetic and/or functional outcomes of a previous eyelid surgery? Some of the most common complaints patients have when their primary blepharoplasty was conducted unsatisfactorily by their former surgeon include asymmetries in the shape of the eyes, irritation in and around the eyes, issues with closing the eyelids completely, and an… Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Eyelid Surgery?

Do you often feel that you look tired and/or exhausted when, in fact, you’re full of energy? How about angry or upset when you’re actually quite happy? As a focal point of our face, the appearance of our eyes can reveal a lot about our mood, age, and even our physical state. Unfortunately, this revelation… Read More »