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What Is Asian Blepharoplasty?

Generally speaking, many men and women of Asian descent either do not have a crease in their upper eyelids, or they have an extremely low-lying fold that is hardly visible. Commonly known as a “single fold”, this characteristic is what distinguishes the appearance of Asian eyelids from that of Caucasian eyelids, which tend to have a “double fold”.

Also referred to as double eyelid surgery, Asian blepharoplasty can often be an excellent option for individuals who are seeking to enhance the appearance of their upper eyelids through the creation of a natural-looking fold in upper eyelid. In addition to removing excess skin and fat (if desired and/or necessary), this unique variation of traditional eyelid surgery can be employed to produce a crease in the area above the eyelashes, often helping to make the eyes look larger and more expressive for an overall improved aesthetic.

At our practice, our board certified plastic surgeons – Dr. Luis A. Zapiach and Dr. John T. Cozzone – utilize an external incision method to create an ideally shaped fold in the eyelid with the utmost degrees of safety and precision. Typically performed on-site under local anesthesia and oral sedation, the entire Asian blepharoplasty procedure takes approximately two hours to complete, and most patients are able to resume non-strenuous jobs and daily activities after about a week of recovery.

Ultimately, despite the procedure’s name, not every person of Asian descent needs to undergo Asian blepharoplasty to achieve their eyelid enhancement goals. In fact, many Asian patients naturally have a “double crease” and don’t require this specific approach to address their cosmetic concerns. For this reason, we recommend that you seek the expertise of an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who offers all forms of eyelid surgery in order to determine the most effective technique for your unique needs and desires.

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