What Do Fractionated CO2 Lasers Treat?

Laser resurfacing is the “one-stop shop” of skin rejuvenation treatments. Thanks for their ability to target a diverse range of blemishes, laser therapies work for men and women of all ages who want a smoother, clearer complexion. Over the last few years, the Fractionated CO2 laser has replaced earlier generations of lasers due to its… Read More »

How to Tighten Sagging Skin and Jowls at Home and in the Doctor’s Office

Jowls are one of the most frustrating – and inevitable – cosmetic issues associated with aging. Jowls can give your face a heavy, tired appearance, even if you’re healthy and in great shape.  The best way to get rid of jowls is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon, who can recommend either a surgical or… Read More »

Thermitight v. Ultherapy: Who Should Have Which and Why?

A decade ago, invasive surgery was the only way to achieve visibly tighter, smoother skin. Today, procedures like Ultherapy and Thermitight can produce similar results, without discomfort or downtime. If you’re wondering which of these procedures is right for you, contact Paramus plastic surgeons Dr. Luis A. Zapiach and Dr. John T. Cozzone at (201)… Read More »

4 Key Ways the Breast Lift Differs From the Breast Reduction

  There is a seemingly inextricable cultural link between breasts and femininity, which perhaps explains why there are so many surgical procedures to improve the size, shape, position, and projection of the breasts. Women who are happy with the overall size of their breasts, but not the shape or position, may be good candidates for… Read More »

How to Determine the Right Breast Implant Size for Your Figure

Changing any aspect of your appearance through plastic surgery is a big decision, and it’s one that requires careful consideration on your part. Breast augmentation, in particular, is a procedure with many different variables and choices that can all impact your overall satisfaction with your results. This is why we create customized surgical plans and walk… Read More »

Which Non-Surgical Facial Procedures Should I Combine?

If you’ve considered or tried one of the non-surgical procedures to give your face a younger look, you probably know that these cosmetic tools have specific applications. One fills in wrinkles, another tightens loose skin, and yet another restores the skin’s surface. You may have wondered if it’s safe and effective to combine these procedures… Read More »

Ultherapy® Brow & Chin Lift: Funny Name, Fantastic Results

Are you bothered by the early stages of loosening skin on your face  but aren’t ready to consider facelift surgery? If so, a brow lift or chin lift with Ultherapy® might be the perfect solution.  As we age, the muscles and connective tissue that kept our skin firm and smooth when we were young begin… Read More »

When Science Meets Art: Better Breast Implants by Design

At ART Plastic Surgery, we take into consideration each patients’ unique desires. Our team has developed innovative techniques to help increase the size and fullness of your breats, restore volume, and enhance your symmetry.  Read the infographic below on how else a customized option will help you match your ideal vision. Schedule your consultation and… Read More »


Long lustrous eyelashes not only accent your eyes but can also give you a more alluring and beautiful aesthetic. Eyelash curlers, mascara, and various home remedies have all tried to make eyelashes thicker and longer but unfortunately, are only temporary or simply don’t give us the long- lasting results we desire. Currently, the only guaranteed… Read More »