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Selecting the Right Breast Implant Profile

You’re one of a kind. Your breasts should be, too. Customization is the key to our natural-looking breast augmentation results. Using cosmetic breast implants and the latest surgical techniques, we can help you craft breasts that look as good in a bikini as they do between the sheets. Natural breasts come in every shape and… Read More »

Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?

Changing lifestyles, shifts in personal goals and the general passage of time have significant impacts on both our perspective of our bodies and our bodies themselves. The breasts are one such area of the body that changes over time significantly.  According to personal lifestyle choices and aesthetic goals, how patients want their breasts to look… Read More »

How to Achieve the Hourglass Figure

Body shape trends come and go, but the hourglass figure is timelessly beautiful. The primary characteristic of an hourglass shape is the voluptuousness of the bust and hips, with a slim waist in the middle. When the weight is distributed in a proportional way, it can help create an aesthetically-pleasing silhouette that turns heads and… Read More »

Stay Lean After Lipo: Our 4 Top Tips

Liposuction is one of the most tried-and-true cosmetic procedures for getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat. While it’s rewarding to free yourself from unwanted body fat, it’s important to stay motivated and maintain your weight loss after the procedure. Though most of our patients experience stunning results for years to come, it is possible… Read More »

How to Reduce Wrinkles at Home and in the Doctor’s Office

The best way to treat wrinkles is to prevent them from forming in the first place: Wearing sunscreen religiously, avoiding prolonged sun exposure, not smoking, and maintaining a stable, healthy weight are your best defenses against stubborn creases. If you’re noticing fine lines despite your best efforts, however, there are still steps you can take… Read More »

What Do Fractionated CO2 Lasers Treat?

Laser resurfacing is the “one-stop shop” of skin rejuvenation treatments. Thanks for their ability to target a diverse range of blemishes, laser therapies work for men and women of all ages who want a smoother, clearer complexion. Over the last few years, the Fractionated CO2 laser has replaced earlier generations of lasers due to its… Read More »