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Labiaplasty is a surgical treatment for women who have large or uneven labia. The procedure is designed to alter the abnormally sized or shaped tissue to improve cosmetic and/or functional issues. The surgery typically involves excising tissue of the labia minora (inner lips around the vaginal opening) to create a more balanced form. This can help alleviate potential discomfort caused by the abnormal labia structure.

When the labia minora is enlarged or uneven, this can lead to irritation and pain when wearing specific types of clothing, exercising, or being intimate. More importantly, women with large or uneven labia may experience general feelings of self-consciousness with their bodies, leading them to consider labiaplasty. Those who choose to undergo the female intimate surgery can expect to achieve improved physical comfort and/or a more desirable look to their external genitalia, addressing the concerns that once made them feel uncomfortable. Our New Jersey plastic surgeons, Dr. John T. Cozzone, and Dr. Luis A. Zapiach can help you meet your needs.

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Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today! 

Ready to Schedule Your Consultation?

Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today!


Whether sought for cosmetic or functional reasons, labiaplasty can provide significant improvement for patients’ overall well-being. Dr. Zapiach, and Dr. Cozzone are proud to offer such a life-changing procedure, helping women feel more comfortable in their skin and get back to doing the activities they love—without experiencing discomfort or feeling self-conscious. While each individual has unique needs that can be addressed through labiaplasty, our patients can typically expect the following benefits after their procedure:

  • Increased comfort during physical activities
  • Enhanced confidence in tight-fitting clothing
  • Natural-looking results with minimal scarring
  • Improved self-esteem

More personalized details about what you can expect in your procedure and recovery will be discussed with you during your consultation. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan that is specially tailored to their physical needs and aesthetic goals. Our plastic surgeons and staff at Art Plastic Surgery can address any questions and concerns involving the labiaplasty procedure or related surgical options at the time of your visit


Although every labiaplasty will be slightly different, the underlying goal is to reduce and/or reshape the labia minora. Typical reasons for choosing the procedure include discomfort and self-consciousness due to enlarged labia, which can often occur after delivering a baby. The specifics of your surgery will be discussed with you prior to surgery to ensure you are informed and know what to expect.

During your procedure, Dr. Cozzone or Dr. Zapiach will recontour the labia minora by excising redundant tissue using the utmost precision. Incisions are made along the natural edge of the inner lips and will be closed using absorbable sutures. The labiaplasty procedure can also be combined with clitoral hood reduction, which can potentially change the look and feel of the clitoris in the upper part of the vagina. Many of our patients choose to undergo labiaplasty as part of an overall Mommy Makeover procedure, combining the vaginal rejuvenation surgery with other options, such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery.


In the recovery period following labiaplasty, any discomfort is typically well-tolerated with oral pain medication. It is normal to experience some degree of swelling and bruising over the first few days, but this should gradually fade as your body continues to heal. Showering the day after surgery is generally possible, and you will be instructed on proper wound care, including the daily application of antibiotic ointment.

Most patients require at least two or three days off work as they begin to recuperate, and over the course of the first few weeks, they often feel ready to resume their normal activities. You should wait about six to eight weeks, however, to resume strenuous exercise, sexual intercourse, and tampon use to avoid irritation of the incision sites.

The final results of your labiaplasty can take anywhere from six months up to a year to fully develop. There is typically minimal visible scarring, since the incisions are made in the natural creases of the labial area. Throughout this time, natural sensation should also return to its normal state.


The cost of labiaplasty will depend on the unique details of your procedure. This price may increase or decrease based on multiple factors, such as the expertise of your surgeon, the geographic location of the office, extent of your surgical needs, and whether or not an additional procedure is being performed. After determining the most beneficial technique for your labiaplasty, our team can provide a more personalized quote for how much your total cost will be.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zapiach or Dr. Cozzone please feel to contact us online or by telephone today.