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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty in Paramus at Art Plastic Surgery

Few things in life are more frustrating than having stomach folds that don’t respond to dietary changes or exercise. The presence of a visible tummy “pooch” can make you feel out of shape, even if you’re not. Tummy tuck surgery, formally known as abdominoplasty, can correct the underlying problems that cause poor abdominal tone.

At Art Plastic Surgery, board-certified NJ plastic surgeons Dr. Luis A. Zapiach, Dr. John T. Cozzone, and Dr. Pedro Vieira take the time to personalize every tummy tuck procedure they perform. Whether your midsection has changed as a result of motherhood, weight fluctuations, or aging, they can tailor your tummy tuck to address your specific needs. To learn more about how this procedure can help you sculpt a firm, taut tummy, continue reading the information provided on this page or contact our doctors to arrange a personal consultation.

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Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today! 

Ready to Schedule Your Consultation?

Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today!

How is Tummy Tuck Surgery Performed?

During tummy tuck surgery, unwanted fat and excess skin are removed in order to create flat, lean stomach contours. Damage that’s been done to the abdominal muscles by pregnancy or weight gain will be corrected, strengthening your core muscles, which may even correct back pain or even urinary incontinence.

Tummy tuck surgery starts with the creation of a thin incision along the patient’s bikini line. Sometimes, a second incision is made around the navel, if the patient also has loose skin on his or her upper abdomen. Then, liposuction is used to remove deposits of stubborn diet-resistant fat and sutures are placed to restore the muscles to their original position. These sutures are designed to gradually dissolve as the muscles heal and core strength can then be regained. Finally, our NJ plastic surgeons carefully drape the patient’s skin over the newly contoured stomach and remove any excess dermal tissue. Stretch marks are usually removed along with the excess skin.

What Are the Benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Abdominoplasty is capable of correcting both cosmetic and functional problems with the abdomen. Because it’s impossible to tighten loose skin or strengthen damaged muscles with exercise alone, some people need to have tummy tuck surgery to obtain a flat stomach. Tummy tuck surgery can also prevent certain medical issues that are linked to weakened abdominal muscles. Tummy tuck surgery offers all of the following advantages to eligible candidates:

  • The creation of a sleek, slim midsection. This procedure reduces the protrusion of the lower stomach and gets rid of any “muffin top” you have.
  • The elimination of stretch marks and folds of loose skin.
  • The ability to maintain a flat stomach with diet and exercise. Once your muscles have been repaired, they’ll respond to targeted workouts, allowing you to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Likewise, removing excess abdominal fat makes it much easier to create visible muscle tone.
  • Increased comfort and safety. Damaged abdominal muscles are one of the most common causes of chronic lower back pain and urinary incontinence, especially in women. Tummy tuck surgery can treat this condition; it can also greatly lower your risk of developing hernias.

Tummy tuck surgery can be combined with other procedures to create even more striking results. If you’ve recently had a baby, you may want to consider a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover provides comprehensive full-body rejuvenation by combining tummy tuck surgery with breast augmentationThemiVA™, and other personalized aesthetic therapies.

Who Makes a Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Most adult men and women can have tummy tuck surgery, if they’re in good health, don’t smoke, and are close to their ideal weight. When you come in for a consultation, Dr. Zapiach, Dr. Cozzone, and Dr. Vieira will review your medical history (including any medications and supplements you take) to make sure you can safely have surgery. You may have to discontinue the use of certain medications, like blood thinners, for a few weeks before your operation.

Mothers interested in having tummy tuck surgery will need to be at least six months post-partum before scheduling a consultation. You should also be aware that future pregnancies and significant weight gain or loss could compromise the results of this procedure. We therefore recommend waiting until you’re done having children and losing weight before having tummy tuck surgery.

What to Expect During Recovery

Patients who have tummy tuck surgery need to take at least two weeks off work. During this time, you’ll need someone to help look after you while you rest. Though symptoms of swelling, bruising, and soreness usually resolve after two to three weeks, tummy tuck patients usually need to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for one to two months after their procedure. You will, however, be advised to take short walks in order to stay active and reduce the risk of blood clot formation.

Tummy Tuck FAQ

Tummy tuck patients typically lose about five pounds after the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue. Some women report losing additional weight after a tummy tuck because they feel fuller after eating earlier than before their surgery. However, it’s important to be aware that abdominoplasty is not a weight loss procedure. Tummy tuck surgery works best on patients who have a healthy BMI, but who still struggle with loose skin and small deposits of diet-resistant fat.

Yes, absolutely. While we recommend waiting until you’re done having children to have this procedure, having a tummy tuck won’t pose any risk to you or your baby if you get pregnant after you’ve recovered from surgery. If you do have more children, you can return to Art Plastic Surgery for revision surgery. Revision surgery can restore your original results.

Tummy tuck surgery usually creates a thin scar just above the pubic area. This scar can easily be hidden with underwear or a swimsuit, so most patients don’t feel that their scar is very visible. 

Learn More about Abdominoplasty in Paramus at Art Plastic Surgery

If you have any questions about tummy tuck surgery or you’re ready to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Zapiach, Dr. Cozzone, or Dr. Vieira, then you can contact our Paramus, New Jersey plastic surgery practice online or by phone at: (201) 251-6622. We look forward to welcoming you to our practice, where we’ll help you develop a treatment plan that works for you.