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Breast Augmentation

Bergen County Breast Augmentation

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Ready to Schedule Your Consultation?

Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today!

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the more popular cosmetic procedures performed in the continental United States. Our experienced North New Jersey plastic surgeons, Dr. Luis A. Zapiach and Dr. John T. Cozzone, understand the importance of personalized decisions when it comes to pursuing breast augmentation. The Bergen County offices of Art Plastic Surgery take every measure to ensure every female patient’s comfort and security when beginning the process of breast augmentation. The procedure is a bridge for a woman to reclaim her own feelings of femininity.

If you have been searching for a breast augmentation specialist “near me” online, then consider your search over. Our breast augmentation procedures can help North New Jersey women achieve a fuller, more symmetrical bustline with larger breasts and a professionally enhanced aesthetic that is more closely aligned with their personal aspirations. Breast implants will provide a younger, sensual appearance while also making a female patient’s chest profile more proportionate to the frame of her body. Additionally, breast augmentation can replace reduced breast mass following surgery or the birth of a child. It can also correct congenital defects and enhance the results of reconstructive surgery following a mastectomy. Finally, breast augmentation can be combined with other cosmetic procedures to bring about a complete mommy makeover.

Breast Augmentation Before and After

According to the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for some before and after images of female patients who have undergone breast augmentation procedures. You will notice clear improvements in the breast symmetry and fullness of the bustline. These procedures enabled these women to attain their desired results leading to greater confidence and improved self-esteem.

Methods of Breast Augmentation Surgery in North New Jersey

Dr. John Cozzone, Paramus breast implant surgeon, consults with a patient

There are a few options a woman can take when considering breast augmentation surgery. Whether you want a traditional breast augmentation involving saline or silicone implants or a more natural breast augmentation using fat transfer to build mass in the breast area, Art Plastic Surgery can accommodate your desired procedure. We also offer a “mixed” procedure that combines elements of both traditional implant techniques with fat transfer techniques.

Here are some of the various kinds of implants that are currently available to patients considering breast augmentation surgery:

Silicone Implants: FDA-approved for use in breast augmentation procedures for patients whose age exceeds 22 and can be used for any age if breast reconstruction is being performed and composed of silicone with interior silicone gel to simulate a more natural appearance and feel.

Saline Implants: FDA-approved for use with any patient over the age of 18. Composed of a silicone exterior shell and then filled with a saltwater solution that is harmless if the implant breaks within the body. There is a smaller surgical area being that the implants are filled following the introduction into the body.

Fat Transfer (Natural Breast Augmentation): A state-of-the-art procedure that utilizes fat transfer to help with the breast augmentation process. Fat transfer can successfully build mass within the breast, providing a natural approach to augmentation. Fat transfers are taken from other portions of the patient’s body and introduced into the breast area. There are many advantages to using the fat transfer breast augmentation method. For more information about fat transfer procedures, contact Art Plastic Surgery in NJ.


Each and every procedure at Art Plastic Surgery is customized to provide the best possible patient outcome. During the consultation process, Dr. Luis A. Zapiach and Dr. John T. Cozzone will go over a number of factors, including the patient’s wishes for size, type, and shape for the implants, as well as what to expect before, during, and after the breast augmentation procedure.

The average time for a breast augmentation procedure is approximately two to three hours. This may vary if the augmentation procedure is combined with another cosmetic surgical procedure.

Following a breast augmentation procedure, patients can expect to experience soreness and discomfort in the breast area. These symptoms can be managed with medication. There also may be some bruising, swelling, and numbness that will impact the breast and nipple area. These symptoms are likely to last only the first few weeks following the breast augmentation procedure. Stitches are removed 10 days following surgery, and patients can return to their normal routine within a couple of days to a week. Activities such as exercise, sports, and heavy lifting should be avoided for several weeks to allow the full recovery of the surgical site. Mammograms are performed to ensure the placement of the implants has been successful.

Cost of Breast Augmentation in Bergen County, North New Jersey

When searching for a breast augmentation specialist “near me” online, it is important to consider the cost. Surprisingly, the cost of breast augmentation surgery is not as much as many believe. Incredible results can be accomplished without an excessive price tag. To learn more about the cost of breast augmentation surgery, contact our office.

At Art Plastic Surgery in Bergen County, Dr. Cozzone or Dr. Zapiach will carefully listen to each individual’s specific desires until they have a clear understanding of the look she wishes to achieve. They will then perform a thorough physical evaluation of the breasts that includes anatomical measurements and an assessment of skin/tissue elasticity to determine a range of implants that can be safely and effectively accommodated. Once the pros and cons of each potential option have been thoroughly reviewed, the final decision will be made based on the patient’s personal preference and our plastic surgeons’ professional recommendation.

Art Plastic Surgery in Bergen County, North New Jersey, provides some of the best procedures when it comes to breast augmentation. Our doctors are board-certified specialists so that you can proceed with any cosmetic procedure with confidence. Our offices also offer many other types of plastic and cosmetic surgeries including, liposuction, tummy tucks, Botox® brow lifts, and dermal fillers. We also provide reasonable costs for mommy makeover services and laser skin resurfacing. Art Plastic Surgery even provides different types of chemical peels to help improve the appearance of a patient’s skin. For more information about Art Plastic Surgery in Bergen County, NJ, and the services we provide, contact us today!