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Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) can be an effective way to rejuvenate the areas around the eyes and give you a more refreshed, rested, and youthful appearance. But, sometimes, eyelid surgery does not reach the ultimate goals the patient had in mind – due to poor technique by the original plastic surgeon, complications from the procedure, simple dissatisfaction with results, or other causes. With revision eyelid surgery, Dr. Luis ZapiachDr. John T. Cozzone, and Dr. Pedro Vieira at Art Plastic Surgery can correct problems caused by a previous blepharoplasty and give you the results you were hoping for.

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Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today! 

Ready to Schedule Your Consultation?

Our team is ready to help you navigate through the next steps of you booking your procedure. Contact us today!


Eyelid surgery is often performed to eliminate the appearance of aging and exhaustion around the eyes, which can have an effect on the entire facial aesthetic. Undereye bags, excess skin in the upper lids, and other issues can be improved with eyelid surgery. However, overcorrection or under correction of aesthetic issues around the eyes may lead to dissatisfactory results, not to mention functional problems. Eyelid surgery is a very delicate procedure that deals with sensitive tissues around the eyes, and if it is not performed successfully by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, or if you have complications during or after the procedure, eyelid surgery could result in a dissatisfactory appearance, trouble closing the eyelids all the way, asymmetry in the shape of the eye regions, and eye irritation. If you are experiencing aesthetic or functional issues after eyelid surgery, you might consider revision eyelid surgery to address these problems.

Our New Jersey plastic surgeons will be happy to meet with you in an initial consultation to discuss any issues you may be having with the outcome of a previous eyelid surgery, and present you with options to correct and improve them so that you can attain more satisfactory results.


Techniques for revision eyelid surgery procedure will depend on the specific issues you are having with the previous surgery. For patients who are having difficulty closing the eyes, this may be the result of over correction – too much skin being removed during the original eyelid surgery. This can often be corrected by harvesting skin from another area, such as the mouth or behind the ear, to add skin inside the eyelid. Reconstructive eyelid surgery can also be performed to reduce the appearance of excess scarring and/or correct severe tissue shortage resulting from the initial surgery. For those who have had under correction in the original blepharoplasty, our plastic surgeons can remove excess tissue and fat from around the eyes to achieve results more in keeping with your original goals.


Specific eyelid surgery recovery processes will depend on the type of corrective surgery you undergo. Reconstructive eyelid surgery for overcorrection in the original procedure may require a lengthier recovery time than those who undergo revision eyelid surgery for under correction. Procedures for under correction are often comparable to a standard eyelid surgery, usually requiring a few days rest before returning to your normal daily routines. In both procedures, patients can expect some degree of swelling and bruising around the eyes during the first few weeks after surgery, as well as temporary light sensitivity, blurring or double vision, and tearing. Strenuous activity should be avoided for at least three weeks after revision eyelid surgery. Any pain or discomfort after surgery can be alleviated with medication.

Dr. John Cozzone, Dr. Luis Zapiach, and Dr. Pedro Vieira at Art Plastic Surgery can help you achieve more satisfactory results with revision eyelid surgery. Please contact our practice with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon.