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Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Cosmetic surgery has been utilized to enhance all aspects of the human body, and the buttocks are no exception. Those who are unhappy with their flat or disproportionate buttocks have the option to undergo a Brazilian butt lift.

Also known as gluteal fat grafting, this cosmetic surgery is a safe and effective method of augmenting the proportions of one’s buttocks when a certified plastic surgeon performs the procedure. If you want a Brazilian butt lift and want to learn more about it, then here’s an overview of what the process entails and the ways it can enhance your image.

What Are Brazilian Butt Lifts?

Despite the name, no lifts are involved in the process like there are with other cosmetic procedures. Instead, Brazilian butt lift surgeries augment the size and shape of an individual’s buttocks region through fat transfer.

Cosmetic surgeons use liposuction to remove fat from another part of the patient, commonly their inner thigh, hips, or other areas of the body where there is enough fat to remove. During liposuction, a small pinhole is inserted into the part of the body, and the fat tissue is sucked out through the tube. This fat is then purified to prepare for injection. Once ready, the surgeon will inject the purified fat into several designated areas in the patient to ensure the tissue is inserted into locations that naturally increase the shape and volume of the buttocks.

Are Brazilian Butt Lifts Safe?

When Brazilian butt lift procedures are performed by an experienced and certified surgeon, they are safer than other methods of buttocks augmentation. The procedure is considered minimally-invasive. Further, compared to regular butt implants, the injected fat won’t put pressure on the nerves. Using fat from the patient’s body is also beneficial, as unlike synthetic materials like silicone, there’s no risk of an allergic reaction, and it feels much more natural.

While some bruising and swelling are possible, Brazilian butt lift surgeries are painless thanks to the general anesthetic used before the process. Additionally, the process itself takes roughly one and a half to four hours, depending on the extent of the procedure, meaning there is no need for patients to stay overnight in the hospital.

In the weeks following a Brazilian butt lift, patients must follow the necessary precautions and advice of their surgeon to ensure there won’t be any problems during their recovery. Because of the anesthetic, patients must call someone to drive them home after the procedure. 

While the general anesthetic will not take long to wear off, those who have undergone Brazilian butt lifts must avoid putting pressure on their buttocks for several weeks. This action is taken to preserve the injected fat tissue and prevent it from being absorbed by the body, which means patients must avoid normally sitting, altering their sleeping position, so they are not on their back, and other lifestyle adjustments. 

Here’s the Bottom Line

Brazilian butt lift surgery benefits the lives of patients in many ways. Adding more fat to their buttocks allows them to achieve a fuller and more rounded appearance, and because the tissue is taken from another part of their body, the liposuction helps enhance those areas as well. This newfound physique improves their youthfulness and is long-lasting. Additionally, the more balanced proportions contribute to better body symmetry, allowing patients to shop for clothes more easily. All of these benefits culminate in a boost to their body confidence, elevating their overall mood and comfort.

Having a qualified surgeon is your best bet if you want a Brazilian butt lift procedure, and those searching for a reputable cosmetic surgery center in New Jersey can place their trust in Art Plastic Surgery. Our team of plastic surgery experts is experienced in a variety of procedures, including mommy makeovers and much more. Whether you want a Brazilian butt lift or breast augmentation in NJ, Art Plastic Surgery will be there for you.