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What You Need to Know About Otoplasty Surgery

There are many forms of cosmetic surgery patients can pursue, including otoplasty. Also known as ear surgery, this procedure is intended to alter the shape, proportion, and size of the patient’s ears so they can appear more appealing. If you would like to learn more about what otoplasty is, here’s an overview of the surgery and why individuals choose to undergo it.

What Is Otoplasty Surgery?

The primary goal of otoplasty surgery is to change the shape of the patient’s ears so that they look more natural. During the procedure, it is common that both ears will be worked on so that they can be symmetrical. However, it is worth noting that otoplasty does not alter the location of the ears on your head, just their shape. In addition, the surgery will not have any effect on your hearing either.


Most otoplasty procedures can be performed under local anesthesia. In some cases, your doctor may provide light sedation as an adjunct to local anesthesia.  (It is rare that general anesthesia is required.)  After the skin prep with an antibacterial agent, incisions are made behind your ear to reshape and sometimes remove excess cartilage, in order to create a more pleasing ear contour.  Incisions are closed with sutures which most times don’t need to be removed, as they dissolve on their own.  After you’ve awakened, you’ll see the results of your otoplasty surgery immediately. 


In the months following your procedure, you must be careful to avoid any impact to your ears. It is best to avoid contact sports or helmet wearing during this period. 

Why Do People Undergo Otoplasty?

Now that you’re more acquainted with what otoplasty surgery is, you’re likely wondering why people pursue it in the first place — although you may likely know one of the reasons already. Some patients choose to undergo otoplasty if they were born with ears that are too proportionally large for their head or that stick out. A condition known as macrotia, which gives individuals larger ears than normal, is one such reason why otoplasty is performed.


However, there are many other reasons beyond genetics to schedule an otoplasty surgery. If you were born with a birth defect that resulted in misshapen ears that become more apparent as you grow older, then otoplasty can offer a solution. Other patients may not be satisfied with an ear surgery they had in the past and pursue otoplasty to correct them. In addition, accident victims who sustain serious ear injuries may also have any ongoing issues treated by otoplasty.

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