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Tips to Get Your Silkiest Legs for Spring

If the weather is warming up where you live, you might be looking longingly at skirts and summer dresses, ready to show some skin again. Those legs are about to reappear after long, dark months hiding under winter gear. Are they smooth and radiant, or pasty, stubbly, and dimpled?

The first time your legs see the light of day this year, you might be disappointed to discover more blemishes and sagging than the previous year.

Your skin changes over time, so less collagen and elastin, poor tone, and dehydrated cells could inspire you to keep pants on year-round. Luckily, at Art Plastic Surgery, we have a few leg-loving solutions to help you beautify skin in time to bare more this spring and summer.

Exfoliate to Reveal Smooth Skin

For many of our patients, a long, dry winter means their legs look scaly. You know how to care for delicate facial skin with multi-step complexion care, but do you exfoliate your body often enough? Many people don’t, so springtime is an excellent time to refresh your whole body and reveal healthier skin.

Dead cells can build up to create a cracked, ashy, or scaly look, no matter your age or complexion. Begin transforming your legs into silky-smooth features you’re proud to show off with daily exfoliation. Using a sugar- or salt-based scrub before showering works well, and it’s safer to do this more aggressively on your body rather than face.

A vigorous massage with an oil-based scrub on your legs helps prep you for spring skin treatments.

Apply Rich Moisturizing Creams and Oils 

Body oils that contain essential fatty acids protect your skin’s lipid barrier. Choose a luxe grapeseed, avocado, jojoba or coconut oil. Rich creams like shea butter also work wonders to soften deeply. Just because humidity will increase in the spring doesn’t mean hydration isn’t essential.

How Can I Get Smooth, Firm Legs?

Once you’ve cleared away winter dullness, you’re ready for more in-depth skin resurfacing treatments that create lasting improvements in tone and texture.

Art Plastic Surgery in Paramus, New Jersey, has a team of board-certified plastic surgeons. Only experienced physicians can administer the Alma Pixel CO2 laser, and we often incorporate its powerful skin rejuvenation in our comprehensive body treatments.

If you’ve tried topical creams and scrubs, but you’re still seeing unwanted signs of skin aging or damage, talk to Drs. Luis A. Zapiach and Dr. John D. Cozzone about laser skin resurfacing.

How Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Work?

Laser skin resurfacing on the face and body can treat a range of skin problems, from acne scars to sun damage.

During your laser skin resurfacing treatment, a handpiece applied to the treatment area removes the top layer, or epidermis, while also heating the underlying dermis. This solution removes dry, dead surface cells while exposing fresh, plump layers underneath. At the same time, it accelerates cell renewal to thicken and tone the entire skin layer.

The protein collagen plays a critical role in the “bounce” and resiliency of your skin, but it diminishes with age. Deep tissue thermal stimulation triggers collagen formation to visibly improve wrinkles, sagging and thinning skin. After fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, fine lines, scars, areas of “crepey” skin, and the look of cellulite improve markedly. No wonder our patients love it!

What Are Some Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing?

How can I make my legs smooth? People often ask us about reducing stubble, skin bumps, and cellulite. You’ll both see and feel the beneficial effects of laser skin treatment for your legs. When skin is firmer, hydrated, and has improved elasticity, the texture appears smoother, and they feel firm again.

Our patients find that laser skin resurfacing, combined with laser hair removal creates a beautiful skin surface they’re proud to show off all summer (and year-round, too)!

Bonus: Skin bronzers and sunless tanners also yield much better results on fresh, healthy, even-toned skin cells. Just like resurfacing keeps facial makeup from settling in lines, dull patches and pores, likewise, resurfaced legs form a foundation for better moisture absorption and a healthy, even glow.

Book Your Consultation to Plan Summer-Ready Legs This Spring! 

Imagine no longer feeling self-conscious in shorts, skirts or swimwear. Hitting the beach without thinking twice about your legs can free you up to get out and love life a little more this year.

If you’d like to discover fractional CO2 laser resurfacing treatment for your body or face, we’ll be happy to discuss beautiful possibilities with you. We also provide top-of-the-line laser hair removal, safe for all skin tones and hair colors.  Contact Art Plastic Surgery in Paramus through our website contact form, or phone: (201) 251-6622.