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How to Get Glowing Skin for Wedding Season

How can I get flawless skin for my wedding? Many Art Plastic Surgery patents ask this question each spring.

There are few occasions more joyful in a woman’s life than her wedding day, but feeling beautiful is an essential element of the experience. Every bride wants glowing skin, but nerves and the hectic nature of planning take a toll on her appearance! Just when she wants to feel slim and radiate with a bright complexion, it may seem the odds are against her.

Just before a wedding isn’t an ideal time to plan cosmetic surgery or invasive procedures. So, what can you do in the weeks leading up to the big day to look your best?

When it comes to body sculpting and skin care, Dr. Zapiach and Dr. Cozzone offer multiple non-surgical, yet transformative, patient favorites. If you’re not feeling ready for photoshoots or a skin-baring dress, don’t panic. We’re sharing top aesthetic treatments to treat your skin before wedding season.

Is Your Skin Ready for Wedding Season? Start From the Inside Out

Ideally, brides-to-be, or bridesmaids, should start improving diet and hydration three months before the event. That’s because skin takes time to clear away blemishes and reveal healthy new cells. We offer chemical peels that are light enough for you to have one a week prior and enjoy dewy skin in time for the wedding.

We also recommend lots of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet, and fresh water to keep skin clear. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Your nutritional choices will reflect themselves on your complexion, so improving internal, vibrant health and nutrition long before wedding season will have you glowing from the inside out.

Can You Smooth Wrinkles Before Your Wedding?

Combating signs of aging is a regular battle for many people after roughly 30. At this stage in life, natural collagen and skin elasticity begin to diminish, as do hyaluronic acid levels in the skin. The result of age-related changes can be fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the forehead, around the eyes, and surrounding the mouth.

Want to look smooth and fresh in photos? Visit our beauty specialists two to four weeks before the wedding to tackle wrinkles and folds. Our physicians use quick, injectable treatments like Dysport® and Xeomin® to reduce muscle movement in critical areas like the eye area. If you appear a little angry, tired or “frowny” in your pictures, relaxing those strong forehead muscles can have a brow lifting and smoothing effect. Neuromodulator injections take roughly one week to kick in and will last four months or more in most cases.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers like Restylane®, Juvéderm®, or Radiesse® allow your doctor to smooth creases and add volume to lift features. Depending on your age and unique needs, you may choose a sultry lip plumping or a comprehensive “soft lift” that rejuvenates vital areas like cheeks, the jawline and the undereye area. Facial contouring not only smoothes the overlying skin, but will also reduce unwanted shadows and help restore a more youthful appearance.

Need Something More Dramatic to Transform Before the Wedding?

Whether your tummy or face appear somewhat sagging, you can make changes, so photos that last a lifetime show the best version of you. For your face and body, there are a few leading-edge treatments to slim and tone that don’t require lengthy recovery time, stitches or scars.

For the Face

Drs. Zapiach and Cozzone perform Ultherapy® skin tightening at our New Jersey practice. The FDA has approved this ultrasonic facial tightening treatment to lift sagging skin from the brow to the décolletage. Ultherapy® generates thermal energy to heat and stimulate deep collagen production under the surface. It’s a fast, painless way to encourage smoother, tighter skin on the forehead and lift sagging eyelids. In some cases, it can improve fine lines around the eyes and improve the appearance of the chin, jawline, and upper chest, as well.

The effects will take roughly one to two months to appear, so you’ll need to plan when choosing Ultherapy® before wedding season. However, results last a year or more! Therefore, you’ll feel refreshed long after the honeymoon and smile with bright eyes for all your vacation pictures.

For the Body

Who doesn’t want a smoother, firm body for their wedding day and honeymoon beachwear? ThermiRF™ is an advanced FDA-cleared system delivering thermal-regulated radiofrequency (RF) energy. 

Not only does it trigger a tightening, skin-toning effect, but RF energy also significantly reduces underarm sweating! Axillary hyperhidrosis is a problem for both men and women. During warmer months, many people suffer from excessive sweating. When stress is in high gear during weddings, our patients can stop sweating and stay cool and dry all day and night.

Art Plastic Surgery doctors offer ThermiTight™, ThermiSmooth™, and ThermiVa™. They use similar energy wavelengths to tighten tissue in multiple ways. The ThermiVa™ feminine tightening procedure is popular with women who add it to a full pre-wedding beauty package. Nothing boosts self-confidence like feeling toned and revitalized, inside and out.

It may take a series of sessions to see optimal results, so we recommend you begin RF treatments at least a few months before the special event. Your body will create new collagen in response to RF energy over several weeks. However, the immediate mild swelling or redness only lasts a couple days in most cases.

What Natural Skincare Do Our Cosmetic Surgeons Recommend?

Do you want fresh, healthy-looking skin on your wedding day? Are you in a wedding party and hope to look radiant in all the photos that will capture the memories and glamour of the ceremony and reception? One of the best ways to maintain fresh, dewy skin that glows naturally in the summer is to go light on makeup.

You’ll need to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate weeks in advance. Avoid excess sun exposure, which can dry you out, damage skin, and leave you with blotches or discoloration. Apply a quality sunblock daily, and ensure your diet is rich in antioxidant foods like tomatoes, melons, dark-coloured fruits and veggies.

Try switching to an oil-free serum to hydrate, rather than greasy moisturizers. You can book a light peel at our clinic to help remove surface layers of dull skin and let a brighter you shine through.

Ready to Plan a Pre-Wedding Makeover? Book Your Consultation Today

Whether the big day is yours, or you’re a star in someone else’s wedding photos, we can help you look and feel amazing for a day you’ll never forget. Visit Art Plastic Surgery for a full menu of non-surgical skincare solutions and body sculpting options. Our caring, experienced staff can help you choose your ideal package and get ready to shine! Call or email us to book the next available appointment. See you soon!