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How to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Spring

As each period of the year places different demands on our skin, we must change and adapt accordingly.

Winter months see us spend more time indoors, but as the seasons switch and temperatures rise, thoughts move to the great outdoors, walks in the park, strolls through the city, and enjoying our time in the sun. As we do this, our skin begs us to change our skincare habits to give it that radiant shine.

Here, the expert team at Art Plastic Surgery offers you their top tips on how to transition seamlessly from your winter skincare routine to one of nurturing care for the demands of spring and summer.

How Does the Weather Impact Our Skin?

By thoroughly understanding how the seasons of weather affect our skin, we can best prepare our skincare routine to address these needs.

Environmental factors that affect our skin mainly include sunlight and humidity. The variations in these elements between seasons naturally influence our skin’s health differently throughout the year.


In winter, cooler air means lower humidity (interestingly, due to the permanently cold air, Antarctica is the planet’s driest continent, as all the moisture is trapped as ice!). This means that our skin dehydrates rapidly during winter, and as such, heavy moisturizing lotions are needed to keep skin supple and smooth in the winter.

In spring and summer, the skin is less prone to dryness and cracking. This is due to higher humidity associated with increased ambient temperatures and the air’s capacity to retain moisture. As such, heavily hydrating your skin is not necessary.

Heavy moisturizing lotions can hinder the skin’s ability to cool by sweating in the warmer spring and summer and can lead to clogged pores and other skin issues. During the summer, light moisturizing is vital.


There is nothing more beautiful than sun-kissed skin, but too much of a good thing certainly applies to the sun’s rays on our skin.

Extended and unprotected exposure to sunlight is responsible for sunspots, age spots, and potentially cancerous growths. As our sun exposure increases during the spring and summer, it is vital to pay attention to our sun protection habits.

Art Plastic Surgery recommends covering any skin exposed to sunlight with a minimum SPF Factor 50 lotion. These can also have light moisturizing properties and water-resistance.

Protecting your skin with lotion encourages even skin toning and lowers the number of freckles and blemishes caused by the sun. It will also minimize any risk you have of developing any growths that need to be checked by a doctor.

For some patients, uneven skin tone and sun blemishes are issues that need addressing. Spa treatments such as chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing can provide a clean canvas for you to start your spring with even, beautiful skin.

Keeping Good Products

One of the most important but most often overlooked aspects of transitioning from winter to spring skincare is maintaining the makeup cupboard. Many products get opened and are then left to sit over autumn and winter. These can be ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and germs.

With this in mind, you should also spring-clean your entire makeup cupboard. There is no better time to restock your skincare products and applicators than the end of winter, to get ready for the spring and summer season.

As winter ends and we move into spring, use these tips from Art Plastic Surgery to maintain even, supple, and smooth skin. To book an appointment or for any questions you may have, please call 201 251 6622 or fill out our online form.