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Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?

Changing lifestyles, shifts in personal goals and the general passage of time have significant impacts on both our perspective of our bodies and our bodies themselves. The breasts are one such area of the body that changes over time significantly. 

According to personal lifestyle choices and aesthetic goals, how patients want their breasts to look can be very different in their twenties as compared to their thirties and forties. For an increasing number of people who have naturally large breasts, breast reduction surgery is an ideal way to manage changing body shape and alterations to aesthetic goals. 

One frequently voiced concern about breast reduction surgery, however, is the amount of scarring that may be associated with the procedure. Here, the expert team at Art Plastic Surgery shares their industry knowledge on just how much of a permanent mark breast reduction surgery will leave on a patient.

The critical factor to take into account when considering scarring is the type of breast reduction that is best for you.

What are the Different Types of Breast Reduction Surgery?

There are three main types of breast reduction procedures: liposuction-only breast reduction, vertical and inverted incision reduction, or breast revision surgeries

Due to the size and position of incision made, the amount of scarring differs significantly between these procedures.  

Liposuction-only Breast Reduction

Liposuction-only breast reduction incurs minimal scarring, and for some patients, the scarring may become completely invisible over time. 

This is because we perform the process with a tiny cannula, which we insert into the breast via a micro-incision. Through these incisions, we will vacuum out any fatty tissues. Liposuction only breast reduction is frequently used for men with large breasts, or for women who only wish to reduce their breasts by a single cup size or less. 

For this reason, many patients require more extensive breast reduction techniques, which can reduce breasts by far greater amounts, but also incur more noticeable scarring. 

Vertical and Inverted Incision Reduction

For women with naturally large breasts who are concerned about back pain, postural issues, or being hindered during exercise by their large breasts, this type of reduction surgery is most common. 

The procedures involve the surgeon making an incision in the bottom half of the breast, directly under the areola, going down to the breast crease. Through this incision, our surgeons can significantly manipulate, extract and reduce the size, shape, and position of the breast, so that the product of the operation is substantially smaller, more firm, and higher sitting breasts. 

Modern technologies and techniques allow surgeons to make minute incisions through which to operate. Sealing and suturing techniques now include internal stitches, which significantly reduce scarring. Patients must be aware that these procedures will result in a scar; however, when performed by experienced, certified surgeons, this scarring is minimal. It can be positioned in a way that is almost undetectable if given enough time. 

Breast Revision Surgery

Many women who once coveted a Pamela Anderson in Baywatch appearance are now changing their minds and getting breast revision surgery

One breast revision option, breast implant exchange, involves the surgeon re-opening the incision made during the first procedure. They will take the old implants out, and the new, smaller implants are inserted. Our surgeons can expertly hide any secondary scarring associated with this procedure in with the original scars from the breast augmentation procedure.

Scar Treatments

Modern, sophisticated creams and balms exist to aid our bodies in the healing process after surgery. In particular, patients should apply vitamin E cream to scars, consume fish oil supplements, and avoid direct sunlight as the incision heal after the procedure. This will help reduce scarring to a minimum. We can help you decide which scar treatment option is right for you. 

If you are considering breast reduction surgery in the Paramus, NJ area, consider reaching out to the expert team at Art Plastic Surgery at 201 251 6622 or by filling out our online form to arrange your consultation. 

Our surgeons can offer bespoke advice on the extent of scarring you can expect from your surgery. Rest assured, they are amongst the best surgeons in the country, and as such, scarring will be minimal when performed by one of our team. 

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