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Selecting the Right Breast Implant Profile

You’re one of a kind. Your breasts should be, too. Customization is the key to our natural-looking breast augmentation results. Using cosmetic breast implants and the latest surgical techniques, we can help you craft breasts that look as good in a bikini as they do between the sheets.

Natural breasts come in every shape and size. So do breast implants. Learn how we consider your anatomy to choose the perfect complementary implants for your body and goals.

Size Is Only Part of the Equation

Breast implants are measured in CCs (cubic centimeters). The total number of CCs in an implant indicates the volume of the implant; more CCs means more volume. However, CCs only tell part of the story.

To find your ideal implant size, choosing the right volume is important, but so is finding the right shape and profile. Two different breast implants with identical volumes but different shapes can create dramatically different results.

Breast Implant Profiles

Profile determines how far off the chest wall the implant will extend and how wide the base of the implant is.

  • Low- Low profile implants are ideal for women that don’t necessarily want big breasts but yearn for more fullness and shape. They are especially complementary for women who have broader chests and shoulders. Low profile implants are wide at the base and relatively flat.
  • Moderate – Moderate profile breast implants are the most popular profile. They offer both cleavage and volume while retaining the natural-looking results that our patients crave.
  • High – For a dramatic change, high profile implants are often the way to go. These implants have a narrower base and a lot of projection. They create breasts that appear very full and round. High profile implants can look very natural if they are placed by a skilled plastic surgeon with experience using this type of breast implant.

Within each of these basic profile categories, there are sub-categories. For example, there are moderate and moderate plus implants as well as high profile and ultra-high profile breast implants. Having many available shapes and sizes of breast implants allows for a truly customized fit and appearance.

It All Comes Down to Anatomy

The right profile for your implants will depend on several factors. The look you hope to achieve is an important consideration, but so is your natural body architecture. Patients with a wider breast base will need a wider implant than women with a smaller base. During your consultation, we’ll talk extensively about your goals for surgery and can recommend an implant profile that will help you achieve the look you want and work with your anatomy.

What Breast Implant Profile Is Best for Me?

There’s no easy rule for choosing your best breast implants. Experience and a deep understanding of breast anatomy help us to guide our patients to their best fit. To decide if you want low or high profile implants, you need to meet with a plastic surgeon. Talking about options will help you find that perfect fit.

We look forward to helping you create your ideal breasts. Contact our office to schedule your consultation with one of our skilled plastic surgeons. Call us at (201) 251-6622.