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How to Achieve the Hourglass Figure

Body shape trends come and go, but the hourglass figure is timelessly beautiful. The primary characteristic of an hourglass shape is the voluptuousness of the bust and hips, with a slim waist in the middle. When the weight is distributed in a proportional way, it can help create an aesthetically-pleasing silhouette that turns heads and makes you feel effortlessly confident.

Pleasingly proportionate and tastefully sexy, it is little wonder that many women have worked hard both in the kitchen and the gym to achieve this shape. However, a healthy diet and rigorous exercise routine will only get you so close to the hourglass figure that you desire. 

If you haven’t been naturally blessed with an hourglass figure, do not lose hope. Plastic surgery can help. There are numerous procedures that can give you shape, but liposuction and breast augmentation are some of the most transformative options available.

Discover how liposuction and breast augmentation can help you get the silhouette you have always wanted. 

Liposuction for a Slim Waist

The major component of an hourglass figure is a tiny waist. A smaller waist makes your chest and hips look fuller and more pleasing, helping create that coveted silhouette. Unfortunately, no matter how well you eat or how much you work out, sometimes fat simply won’t budge from your middle. This is where liposuction can help you get the figure you want.

Liposuction can remove pockets of stubborn fat from your stomach to give it a slimmer appearance. In some cases, you may also want fat removed from your flanks and back to further contour your middle. You can consult with your plastic surgeon, who will suggest areas to target for fat removal to sculpt your body. In this way, targeted liposuction can help you achieve the small, tight waist that you desire. 

For some women, simply having the liposuction procedure can give them a beautiful hourglass shape. Others may require additional procedures that complement liposuction for a more complete transformation.

Breast Augmentation for Balance

Breast augmentation adds volume to your chest, balancing out your hips while also making your waist look smaller. By having more projection in your chest, you create a contrast between the fullness of your breasts and the smallness of your waist. This helps you achieve aesthetically-pleasing results that are the hallmark of the classic hourglass figure. 

When you consult with your plastic surgeon, they will recommend which kind of breast implant — either saline or silicone – will best meet your goals. Both types of implants can help you achieve an hourglass figure. 

When it comes to implant size, consult with your plastic surgeon. The classic hourglass figure is proportional, so if your buttocks are smaller, you may want to opt for a less voluptuous look for your chest. However, this depends on your specific preferences.

Interested in getting the hourglass silhouette that you’ve always desired? Consult with a surgeon at Art Plastic Surgery today.