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Paramus Plastic Surgeons Discuss Breast Augmentation Options And Age Limits

With the choice of implants or fat transfer, Dr. John T. Cozzone and Dr. Luis A. Zapiach help patients decide which type of breast augmentation might best achieve their cosmetic goals.

Paramus, NJLuis A. Zapiach, MD and John T. Cozzone, MD of Art Plastic Surgery understand that each woman decides to undergo breast augmentation for different reasons. Whether the patient desires to increase breast volume, improve symmetry between the breasts, or rejuvenate the breasts for a more youthful appearance, the two board-certified plastic surgeons can tailor the breast augmentation procedure to meet the individual’s unique needs. To help patients decide which method of breast augmentation can best achieve their cosmetic goals, Drs. Cozzone and Zapiach spend time during the consultation process to carefully listen to their patients’ expectations and design a customized surgical plan.

One of the most important decisions that will impact breast surgery results is the method of augmentation. Most patients expect to make a decision between saline and silicone implants, and each implant type has its advantages. Saline implants allow the plastic surgeon to modify the volume of the implant during surgery, maximizing customization. Additionally, saline implants typically require smaller incisions and therefore can often minimize residual scarring. Silicone implants, which are composed of thick silicon gel, are often thought to provide a superior natural look and feel compared to their saline counterparts. Furthermore, patients may benefit from the silicone implants’ reduced risk of rippling, particularly those who are exceptionally thin.

In addition to silicone and saline implants, Dr. Zapiach highlights a third method of breast enhancement surgery that is sometimes referred to as “natural breast augmentation.” This approach utilizes a fat transfer technique, harvesting excess fat from one part of the body and redistributing it to the breasts “for added volume and improved contour.” After discussing the cosmetic goals, reviewing a comprehensive medical history, and performing a physical exam, Drs. Cozzone and Zapiach help patients choose among saline, silicone, or fat transfer methods to achieve results that can meet – or exceed – their expectations.

Regarding the various candidates for breast augmentation, Dr. Cozzone notes that different age groups often have distinct reasons for seeking breast surgery. Younger women in their 20s and 30s usually want to increase their cup size for a more feminine figure. However, he notes: “Due to pregnancies, breast feeding, gravity, and the natural breakdown of breast tissue, older women are usually concerned with sagging as well as restoring breast volume.” Drs. Cozzone and Zapiach frequently combine breast augmentation with a breast lift to address these specific concerns.

Ultimately, the New Jersey plastic surgeons say there is no set age limit for breast augmentation, noting the most important factors for candidacy are that the patient has good overall health and realistic expectations. These candidates, Dr. Zapiach adds, can often enjoy youthful, shapely breasts and the increase in confidence that typically accompanies breast augmentation regardless of age.

About Art Plastic Surgery

Art Plastic Surgery is led by board-certified plastic surgeons Luis A. Zapiach, MD and John T. Cozzone, MD. The New Jersey practice was founded on the principles of enhanced patient safety, effective treatments, and natural-looking results. They offer a wide range of surgical procedures for the face, breast, and body, as well as a variety of non-surgical treatments to improve the appearance of the skin. Drs. Cozzone and Zapiach are available for interview upon request.

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