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Am I An Ideal Tummy Tuck Candidate?

Many of our patients at Art Plastic Surgery visit our practice for help obtaining a slimmer, more toned figure. A tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is specifically intended for patients who are already at or near their ideal body weight and need a little extra assistance getting rid of excess skin and isolated pockets… Read More »

Are Liposuction Results Permanent?

This is a great question that is frequently asked by men and women interested in this popular fat removal treatment. In short, the answer is yes. However, this is only true if you maintain a nutritious, well-balanced diet and overall healthy lifestyle following liposuction. During the procedure, fatty tissues are disrupted and extracted from the… Read More »

March Specials featuring Thermi!

This month’s special features Thermi! ART Plastic Surgery is the first in the area to offer Thermi treatments and now you can save $500 off a package of 3 treatments! Contact Art Plastic Surgery today for more information.