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New Jersey Plastic Surgeons Shed Light on Recovery from Rhinoplasty

Dr. Luis A. Zapiach and Dr. John T. Cozzone of Art Plastic Surgery provide some insight into what patients can generally expect following nose surgery.

Paramus, NJ — Rhinoplasty, a procedure also referred to as nose surgery or a “nose job,” can often be an excellent option for people seeking to improve the appearance and/or function of their nose, states New Jersey plastic surgeon Luis A. Zapiach, MD. At Art Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zapiach explains that he and his colleague – Dr. John T. Cozzone – commonly perform rhinoplasty for individuals interested in addressing a disproportionately sized nasal tip, a crooked nasal bridge, misshapen nostrils, a deviated septum, and various other aesthetic and functional concerns. The final results of the procedure can bring the nose into better balance with other features of face, as well as improve one’s ability to breathe nasally.

Immediately following rhinoplasty, Dr. Cozzone notes that stitches are used to close all incisions, and a temporary splint will be placed to help the nose hold its new shape. The nose may then be packed with gauze to help control any potential bleeding, he says, as well as to stabilize a repaired septum, if necessary. At this time, the majority of individuals are typically able to return home under the care and supervision of a close friend or family member.

During the next few days, Dr. Zapiach explains that some degree of bruising and/or swelling can often be expected, though keeping the head elevated for at least the first 24 hours may be able to help limit these postoperative symptoms. Any pain or discomfort that might be experienced throughout the initial stages of healing can generally be diminished or even eliminated with medication, he adds, and most patients feel well enough to return to non-strenuous work and normal daily activities after about one week.

Ultimately, the two plastic surgeons stress that the recovery process from rhinoplasty is unique to every individual. For this reason, they recommend prospective patients consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can provide a personalized outline of what they may be able to expect following nose surgery based on a thorough assessment of their specific needs and goals.

About Art Plastic Surgery

Art Plastic Surgery is a Paramus-based cosmetic enhancement practice led by Dr. Cozzone and Dr. Zapiach, both of whom are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Holding patient safety and comfort in the highest regard, the two doctors offer an expansive array of treatments and procedures ranging from facial rejuvenation and body contouring to breast enhancement and non-surgical skin care. In addition, they also provide breast reconstructive options following mastectomy or injury to one or both breasts.

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