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Ultherapy® Brow & Chin Lift: Funny Name, Fantastic Results

Are you bothered by the early stages of loosening skin on your face  but aren’t ready to consider facelift surgery? If so, a brow lift or chin lift with Ultherapy® might be the perfect solution. 

As we age, the muscles and connective tissue that kept our skin firm and smooth when we were young begin to weaken. On the forehead, this can lead to wrinkles and a gradual drop in the brow line. Under the chin, it can lead to a saggy, puffy look. Ultherapy® is an innovative and noninvasive procedure that firms and tightens sagging skin through the precise application of ultrasound energy. The results can be dramatic.

How Does Ultherapy® Work?

Ultherapy® concentrates intense bursts of ultrasound energy on areas of skin just below the surface. That heats the subdermal tissue slightly, just enough to cause it to contract and to stimulate the production of collagen in a healing response. Over a period of weeks following the treatment, the surge in collagen gradually strengthens and tightens the skin.  

People who have had the procedure are amazed at how easy it is. The doctor first uses the ultrasound device to build an image of the underlying tissue in the areas to be treated. That information is then used to guide the application of the more intense ultrasound bursts that heat the underlying tissue. The device is carefully moved over the skin and the ultrasound waves focused to the precise depth needed for optimal results. The entire appointment usually lasts just 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the areas treated.

You’ll be able to resume your normal activities immediately, as soon as the procedure is finished, while the skin on your face begins its gradual transformation. That transformation can take a couple of weeks to show visible results, and three to six months to show the procedure’s full effect. 

How Do the Results of Ultherapy® Compare with Facelift Surgery?

Ultherapy® produces a natural-looking tightening and firming of the skin, the result of an increase in collagen production, which is a natural process. It is most successful when skin loosening is in the early stages, when small improvements can make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Ultherapy® can also be combined with injectable treatments, such as  Botox® and dermal fillers, or with laser resurfacing for more comprehensive results.

Ultherapy® is not the best solution, by itself, when more significant skin tightening is needed. At that stage, facelift surgery may be needed to remove excess skin and restore a more youthful look. 

How Long Do the Results of Ultherapy® Last?

Most patients find that the results of Ultherapy® are at their optimum between three months and a year after treatment, and remain visible for at least two years. Maintenance treatments can be used to extend the effects.

Find Out If Ultherapy® Is Right for You

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