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Is Liposuction or Abdominoplasty Right for Me?

Are you interested in improving the appearance of your midsection but not sure if liposuction or abdominoplasty would be more beneficial for your particular needs and desires? While both are technically considered body sculpting procedures, the two treatments are actually quite different. As a result, the answer to this question will be dependent upon your specific aesthetic concerns.

If you are troubled solely by the buildup of diet- and exercise-resistant fat in and around your abdomen, liposuction may be the more appropriate option for you. Performed at our practice using either sound waves (VASER® liposuction) or laser energy (SmartLipo™), liposuction is designed to eliminate stubborn, localized fat buildups in various areas of the body. In contrast, abdominoplasty – sometimes referred to as tummy tuck surgery – may be a better option if your aesthetic concerns pertain to loose, excess skin (with or without the presence of fat) in the abdominal region. With this technique, skin is lifted and tightened over the abdominal muscles, and any excess is removed. The remaining skin is then repositioned and pulled taut for a firmer look and feel. If needed and/or desired, liposuction can often be combined with abdominoplasty to remove fat for an improved overall outcome.

Ultimately, liposuction and tummy tuck surgery can each be an excellent treatment option for the right candidates. If you are considering plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of your midsection, my advice is to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has considerable experience in both body sculpting procedures. By doing so, you can help to ensure the most effective technique is employed based on your unique concerns and cosmetic desires.

John T. Cozzone, MD

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