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Preparing for Facelift Surgery: What to Expect

With the ability to restore a more youthful appearance, improve facial contour, and reduce deep wrinkles, facelift surgery has quickly become one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the country. When considering whether or not to receive a facelift, patients should first be well-informed about what the typical experience and recovery processes are like. Our skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. John T. Cozzone and Dr. Luis A. Zapiach, seek to educate individuals researching this common rejuvenation treatment.

There are many different techniques available for facelift surgery. During the initial consultation, Dr. Zapiach or Dr. Cozzone will discuss the various approaches and suggest one based on the patient’s anatomic needs and desired results. If skin laxity and creases are confined to the cheeks, nose, and midfacial region, a mid-facelift may be recommended rather than a full facelift.

During the operation, incisions are typically made at the temples, above the hairline, and near the ears. Our skilled surgeons endeavor to keep these incisions as concealed as possible so that when healed, they are well hidden. At this point, the excess skin will be removed and muscles will be tightened, both of which help to smooth wrinkles. The entire procedure generally lasts about one to two hours, though every experience is unique.

Some bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort after the operation is normal, and any discomfort can often be well-managed with provided medication. In addition to wearing facial bandages, our surgeons recommend patients keep their heads elevated for a few days following the procedure and spend at least one week resting. Most individuals feel comfortable returning to normal activities after about 10 days, though this timeframe may vary. Swelling may last several weeks; however, the final results can take years off one’s appearance and typically are long lasting.

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