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Both children and adults can benefit from otoplasty (ear surgery), available from our practice serving the Paramus, New Jersey region. Ear surgery is designed to correct the appearance of ears that protrude a bit too far from the head. This condition can cause extreme self-consciousness, especially in children and adolescents. Dr. John T. Cozzone and Dr. Luis A. Zapiach, board-certified plastic surgeons in New Jersey, can improve the appearance of protruding ears, which can also lead to a better self-esteem.

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Ear Surgery Procedure

Ear surgery is typically performed on patients who are over the age of 8, which allows for full maturity of ear cartilage to be attained. With otoplasty (ear surgery), our plastic surgeons aims to restore balance and symmetry between the ears and the face and head, creating a more proportionate appearance and less visible protrusion. One technique of ear surgery involves an incision made in the back of each ear. Our surgeons will reshape the cartilage and bend the ears back toward the head. In many cases, non-removable stitches will be placed behind the ears so that they retain the new shape.

The entire otoplasty procedure usually takes about two hours to complete and can be performed as an outpatient.

Ear Surgery Recovery

Ear surgery typically has a quick recovery process, with most patients being able to return to normal daily routines after one week. There will likely be some bruising and swelling after the procedure; however, this will diminish in the days following surgery. Bandages should be removed after a week, and a special headband will be required for several weeks to ensure the ears heal into the proper position. Any pain and discomfort after surgery can be alleviated with medication. Dr. Zapiach or Dr. Cozzone will advise patients to avoid activities that may potentially harm the ears until complete healing has been achieved.

Please contact Art Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation. Our plastic surgeons will meet with you to discuss all aspects of otoplasty (ear surgery) and answer your questions about the procedure and recovery.

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